Thanks to the know-how that as been passed down for three generations (and that is the company’s main asset), the technical office is able to propose innovative solutions and interact with design firms and with private customers.
After a first consultancy session and the selection of one of the offered options, the executed projects will be delivered complete, including doors and windows, internal and external doors, blackout and shading systems and internal finishes (furniture&boiserie).



A team of specialised installers allows us to transfer the quality of Gorlini products in the installation of the doors and windows using, among other things, certified installation products.
The reliability of our technicians is guaranteed by their experience and also by POSACLIMA certification.


Just as all our consultancy services, surveys, sales and installations are methodically and scrupulously checked, post-sales assistance is considered of high strategical importance by the company. The service is always available to answer all the customers’ needs and requests.
Upon entering a contract, a Gcc (Gorlini Client Code) code will be issued.
This unique identification code allows the company to identify individual customers and their projects, so that the appropriate post-sales assistance can be offered quickly and accurately.

“Mai una finestra uguale all’altra:
che sia piccina piccina come la feritoia di un palazzo storico oppure immensa
quanto una parete di un loft che si affaccia sulla metropoli.
 Non una semplice finestra:
un sistema complesso che fonde l’insieme di elementi quali il muro, il falsotelaio,
l’oscurante esterno, quello interno ed ogni automazione in un’armonia perfetta.

 Adoro il mio lavoro:
quando il serramento viene posato all’interno di un’architettura è esso stesso che stabilisce la vera abitabilità.
Da quel momento il cantiere non è più cantiere ma diventa luogo abitabile
ed il
confine fra interno ed esterno è solo questione di immaginazione.”