Remo Gorlini established the family business back in 1951 and specialised almost immediately in the production of wooden doors and windows.Love for this work passed on to his three sons, one of whom – Ercole – had the courage and the ability to transform the family business started by his father into a modern company focused on tailor-made items.
With a past so rich in traditions and imbued with wood crafting skills, Gorlini has always looked to the future and aimed for new targets, which it is still pursuing through the work of the third generation of the family.
Paola, Raffaella, Alberto and Silvia have decided to continue the family business, which has always had the perfect combination of industrial qualitative standards and tailor-made handcrafting as its distinguishing trait.

Experience and skills are determining factors in the creation of excellently performing made-to-measure doors and windows. The very highly advanced technology of the equipment used by industrial handcrafters helps them manage time efficiently and make every product of a higher quality.
For this reason Gorlini also employs architects who, from the very first meeting with the customer, are able to understand every expectation and provide advice on shapes and styles for an effective and harmonious interpretation of spaces, in order to create attractive and highly performing doors and windows.