At the beginning of the 90s the need for a store in Milan led Gorlini to open their first showroom in Porta Lodovica. Windows and doors fit perfectly in the showroom of what has become more than just a landmark – it is a meeting point for customers and workers in the industry. In 2005 the showroom was moved to the city centre, in via Santa Sofia 27, becoming the company’s showcase. Over time Gorlini’s showroom has transformed and evolved, shedding its skin many times but remaining true to itself. Today it is a true concept store – windows and doors (the core of the company business) are exhibited in its 500 square metres, together with furniture accessories and designer items. The showroom also acts as a meeting point in which to intercept trends and new opportunities, where ideas are elaborated, projects designed and consulting for interior design is supplied. This aggregating core of business and creativity is designed each time by internationally famous architects and designers.