“The privilege of being able to choose every detail to make your product personal and unique”

This is the Gorlini philosophy – we have been making every detail original and with great care since 1951.
We love to define our work “tailor-made” because of the customised details and the uniqueness of each of our products.

Mission: To make every house safe and welcoming and, at the same time, to listen to our customers and understand their needs. To create a handcrafted item that is of good quality, original and, most importantly, made to measure, reflecting the expectations people have and making their wishes last forever.



Square, essential style for aesthetics that are fitting for modern architecture.


Aesthetics poised between modern and classic styles,
suitable for contemporary rooms that whisper of ancient traditions.

Vecchia Milano

The unique style of historical Milanese buildings of the early 20th century
is the source of inspiration of these doors and windows, that provide elegant aesthetics and strong character.

Old Style

The soft, rounded lines that are reminiscent of classic style
harmoniously blend with the proportions of modern furniture.


Our latest creations.